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Dreamer, 17.
Posting everything that's on my mind.
Teen Wolf <3 Under The Dome, Game of Thrones. Harry Potter <3 Percy Jackson <3
I've always little bit broken heart so sorry for sad post...

Let's talk about life as a student in Hogwarts.

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I’m not ready for Teen Wolf Season Finale

They are just meant to be together! They deserve to be finally happy!

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Oh I love how the actors ship it!! <3

"Settle down with me 
And I’ll be your safety 
You’ll be my lady 

I was made to keep your body warm 
But I’m cold as, the wind blows 
So hold me in your arms 

My heart’s against your chest 
Your lips pressed to my neck 
I’ve fallen for your eyes 
But they don’t know me yet 

And the feeling I forget 
I’m in love now.”

"You will fall in love more than once."

That’s what Teen wolf taught us, that one broken heart is not end of our life, we will find new love, and it will be amazing again.

And Scira is the prove!!

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Please, don’t hurt her. Don’t hurt who? Ariel.

"I’m not like you. I just have voices in my head."

just focus on my v o i c e.


This is really amazing! <3

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Stiles and Lydia in Stiles room.

Martinski detective agency in the Stiles room :D

Lydia Martin… Because she is the best!