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Dreamer, 17.
Posting everything that's on my mind.
Teen Wolf <3 Under The Dome, Game of Thrones. Harry Potter <3 Percy Jackson <3
I've always little bit broken heart so sorry for sad post...

So I got tagged by my amazing friend mrs-isaac-lahey :) Thanks :D

Nickname: I don’t have any nickname really :/ Maybe Šárix, Šáríšek or Šárik when I was little :D

Birthday: March 23, 1997

Gender: Female

Sexuality: As far as I know I’m heterosexual :D

Time zone: GMT+2:00

What time and date is it there: 1/9/2014 21:44

Average hours of sleep: 6-8 hours, it depends on if I can fall asleep easily or not

OTP’s: Stydia <3 And lots of othes - Jarbie, Jorrie, Dashid, Frillian… (These are from the tv shows I’m watching now :D)

First word to come to mind: Stydia - I’m excited about today’s episode, and also word WOW - because this is the first time I’m involved in something like this (Am I doing this right? :D)

Last thing I said to my family: I’m going to my room. (Maybe??)

One place that makes me happy and why: Water <3 Because I love swimming and diving, and under water I don’t have to think about anything, I’m free there…

How many blankets do I sleep under: Usually under one :D In winter sometomes under two

Favourite beverage: water, lime juice, green tea

So I don’t have so many people to tag, but I’m tagging: stydiaiseverything and stiles-stydia1500 :) Enjoy it :)

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there’s an e n d l e s s road to rediscover 

This is the best! Thank you for my favourite song and favourite tv show together! AMAZING!

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It still hurts. Still feels like a, uh…

Like an o p e n  w o u n d.

Scott’s face when talking about Allison. It still hurts. But it’s okay Scott, it’s okay…



This is just cool! :D You know that shows us that Lydia and Stiles should be together like Allison and Scott! Make it happen please…

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we’re t h e monsters

Scott and Lydia’s friendship is amazing. It’s not the same like her or his friendship with Stiles. They don’t speak together so often, they don’t spend so much time together. But they are the pack and they care about each other and they protect and support each other - and that’s important.

"So scream, Lydia. Scream."

She is the best banshee, so strong even though she is still learning how to use her powers. You can figure it out Lydia!

"It’s got to help someone"

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you’re my best friend

One of the best things I love in TW - F  r  i  e  n  d  s  h  i  p

Yeah, what is the most amazing thing about teen wolf is how it portrays friendship. I would take all of them as my best friends. They are just amazing! :)

My favourite Lydia’s outfit and hairstyle!!

Love them!! <3 <3

Best friends!

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Scott’s pack is just as special as Scott himself, and I really like it! True Alpha, his Betas, but also a banshee, kitsune, werecoyote and human. It’s amazing that you don’t have to be only werewolf to be part of a pack. It’s not a pack of werewolfs, but a pack of really good friends!

Scott is different and that’s why I like him. <3